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The Mountain Top Historical Society is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of the Mountain Top area and making it available to enjoy and study. Our organization was founded in 2002 and is composed of 12 members who meet on a monthly basis in our local library.

We have several books written about the area done by local authors. We also have numerous photos viewable in a digital form.

Take a few minutes and view photos of our past history and the things that make Mountain Top the community that it is today.


The Mountain Top (Mountaintop) Post Office on North Main Street circa 1900, closed its doors in June 1957 with a move to the corner of Mountain Blvd. and Kirby Ave. A few years later it was moved to the corner of North Main and Kirby Ave. Then after a postal cut back, it was moved to its present location on South Mountain Blvd. The US Postal Department, with the change to the Zip Code system, made18707 Mountaintopís zip code.  Therefore, the little hamlets of the area like Solomon Gap, Fairview Heights, Nuangola Station, Blytheburn, Rita, Albert, Lindbergh, Folstown, Stairville, Gracedale, Penobscot, have all but lost their identity.



Mountain Top

Mountain Top is located in the Western Pocono Mountains between the Lehigh and the Susquehanna river and is nestled between the cities of Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Mountain Top area is comprised of Fairview, Wright, Rice, Slocum, Dorrance Townships and Nuangola Borough.

          Originally Mountain Top was a section of Fairview Township, but as time passed, and local post offices closed there remained only one, which was located in Fairview Township and was known as the Mountain Top post office. Thus, the entire area became known as Mountain Top.

          Mountain Top today is primarily a pleasant, residential community of about 15,000 residences. It is approximately 110 square miles in area. Taxes are reasonable, homes are not crowded, the air is clean and there is no heavy traffic. At 1800 ft. elevation, we have many lakes, farms, large forests, pristine surroundings and moderate climate.
Our Crestwood Area School District provides an excellent education for students. There are many small shopping areas, stores, offices, churches, libraries, banks, and restaurants in the Mountain Top area that provide services and employment to local people.  

          Conveniently located in the nearby cities of Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre are larger shopping malls, government offices, five colleges, three hospitals, newspapers, movies, recreation areas, an airport, the home of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre "Yankees" AAA baseball team and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins hockey team.

New !!

A new book has been added to our collection, 'Railroads Thru Mountain Top'. See our Book Store page for information.

We've recently added a Timeline document for the Mountain Top area. Its well done and covers the earliest time of the Mountain Top area to the present.

We've recently completed our newest book, the 'Fairview High School Alumni 1962-1973'. See our 'Book Store' for details.

Meeting Schedule

Our Meetings are held at the Kirby Library Township Building, at 6:30 PM on the first Wednesday of every month. However we will suspend the meetings during the winter months from January till April.

Bring your interest of history and join us at one of our meetings. We have something for everyone who wants to help preserve the history of our area and learn about its beginnings.



President Scott Hilenski  
Vice-President Joe Kubic  
Secretary Barbara Chamberlain  

April 25, 2014

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